Webinars with a Nordic focus

At CBRE we strongly believe that providing services to our clients is a two-lane road. One that goes from us to our clients, and one that points in the opposite direction. A new series of webinars, produced by CBRE Denmark, further fosters this knowledge sharing. We learn immensely from our clients, and we want to do our best to improve the learning process, for the benefit of both. 

Nowadays, when we all have a very busy schedule, ensuring that we are on top of the game is more challenging than ever. This is why CBRE Denmark has decided to offer live real estate seminars – providing an easily accessible point of interaction on a number of select topics highly relevant for the entire Nordic commercial real estate market. 


Upcoming webinars:

May 26:
Sustainability, climate change and valuation

June 16:
Sustainable urban development

October 1:
Improving environmental building performance through IT systems and dynamic data

October 27:
Operational real estate - Investment in senior housing

November 24:
Digital transformation in the logistics industry

Each webinar will be a 30 minutes session, and participants will get the opportunity to ask questions to presenters and get answers directly in your email inbox. Additionally, all participants will be provided with the slide deck after the webinar has been completed.

Finally, all webinars will be free of charge.

Read more about all webinars and register here: www.cbre.dk/webinars 


Dragana Marina

Dragana Marina

Dragana is an experienced professional with over 13 years of experience in the real estate sector. She leads the research operations for the Danish market. The Danish research department covers all market segments and works closely with other Business Lines by using research to drive client-based initiatives. Dragana also collaborates with the Danish marketing department and supports the achievement of marketing goals for various products and services. Besides being responsible for leading research functions in Denmark, Dragana also supports CBRE’s pan-Nordic research.
Mobile phone: +45 (0)3135 7484


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