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Jun, 2020

The shift towards a fluid workplace is accelerating

Copenhagen office-based employment is expected to drop in the short term, resulting in higher vacancy and dampened leasing activity. Indeed, historical data are showing an almost perfect negative correlation between the growth of office-based employment and office vacancy in Copenhagen. But the outcome doesn’t necessarily have to be decisively negative.
Jun, 2020

Learnings from Covid-19: What’s trending in the Nordics?

Some of the largest companies in the Nordics share their learnings and future expectations of the workplace post Covid-19.
May, 2020

Re-opening the offices: New strategies for the future workplace?

Trends that were defining the future of work have been accelerated as organisations have had to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic. CBRE's Workplace experts Line and Tommi tells you more.
Apr, 2020

How is working remotely impacting you and your organisation and business?

CBRE launches ‘Diagnostic’ survey tool to assess and develop your working-from-home practices. CBREs Workplace experts Lise Klevan and Tommi Ruohonen tells you more.

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