Aug, 2023

Cash flow for cost rental properties

Algorithms integrated into OMK cashflows provide more correct property values and significantly better advice.
Dec, 2022

Year end greetings 2022 from CBRE Nordics

CBRE's Colin Waddell, Managing Director, Nordic Region, sends our year end greetings for 2022.
Aug, 2022

Cap on residential rent increases in Denmark

Read about the agreement on the introduction of a temporary cap on residential rent increases for unregulated rental properties in Denmark.
Apr, 2022

After the record sale: Property values in the city may depreciate

The so-called "Snurrtomten" in Sweden has been subjected to a land allocation bidding process and confirms the previously flagged risk of a sharp increase in leasehold fees for commercial properties in Stockholm City.
Mar, 2022

Environmental and Social Sustainability Goals in Real Estate Decision-making

Towards the end of 2021, CBRE conducted a survey of some of its clients in the UK to establish the ‘state of play’ on the full range of environmental and social sustainability issues. The Nordic VAS leadership share the key findings.
Mar, 2022

CBRE Nordic Valuation and Advisory Services

An introduction to CBRE's Nordic Valuation and Advisory Services.

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