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Nordic Hotel Market Snaphot #2/2024

Download our recent market report covering the Nordic hotel market.

CBRE European Real Estate Investment Market Figures

CBRE shares the European Real Estate Investment Market Figures Q1 2024.

CBRE Nordics Real Estate Market Figures Q1 2024

CBRE Real Estate Market Snapshots/Figures for the Nordics, Q1 2024.

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Apr, 2024

First-mover advantage in energy efficiency is paramount in the European Multifamily market

CBREs research expert Dragana Marina shares her insights at the Nordics Real Estate Blog.
Mar, 2024

Designing Success: How Engaged Workspaces Fuel Productivity

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the symbiosis between workplace solutions & design and employee productivity emerges not merely as an academic interest but as a cornerstone for organizational success.
Feb, 2024

Nordic Investor Intentions Survey 2024

Download our recent market report covering the Nordic investor intentions survey 2024




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