Jan, 2022

The 5 most read articles of 2021 at the Nordics Real Estate Blog

Before closing 2021 we present the 5 most read articles and most popular reports of 2021, at the Nordics Real Estate Blog.
Nov, 2021

In the race for net-zero, are we doing enough?

Our sustainability experts write about our report; Purpose-driven: Corporate real estate's role in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda.
Nov, 2021

ESG & Real Estate: Top 10 Things Investors Need to Know

CBRE explores 10 of the most important ESG considerations real estate investors need to know and the latest ESG trends, innovations and requirements.
Oct, 2021

What does the future hold for sustainability standards?

Our sustainability experts Linda Kjällén, Emma Otervik and Niklas Wiik write about important sustainability standards and abbreviations do you need to keep track of as input for your decision-making in the real estate industry.
Sep, 2021

Flooding is one of the main physical risks in the Nordics

Our Research expert, Dragana Marina, talks about that flooding is one of the main physical risks in the Nordics
May, 2021

Greening the built industry: is mass timber the next big thing?

When we talk about carbon neutrality, we tend to focus on operational energy. But what about materials? Mass timber reduces the carbon footprint of buildings, as timber has less than half the embodied carbon of concrete.

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