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Top 10 Valuation Industry Innovations and Disruptors

The valuation industry is transforming, but what are the innovations and disruptors driving the change?

Review of the real estate investment market 2020 in the Nordics

Sami Kiehelä, Head of Capital Markets, Nordics & Finland at CBRE shares his insight on the real estate investment market 2020 in the Nordics.

Christmas greetings 2020 from the Nordic MD's

CBREs Nordic Managing Directors sums up 2020 and wishes you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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Dec, 2020

Green Financing - Reasoning, Availability and Requirements

In new construction projects, the green building certification process should always start right after the decision is made to certify the project. Anne Laukia and Niklas Wiik tells you more.
Dec, 2020

We need a systematic approach to energy savings in CRE

Implementing a systematic approach to energy savings can have far-reaching benefits that go beyond energy consumption and energy cost reductions, says Niklas Wiik, Emma Otervik and Rikard Eriksen.
Dec, 2020

Hybrid working – the new standard?

Employees will expect more of their corporate workplaces in the future, says Lise Dybwad and Klara Egerstrøm.




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