Highlights from MIPIM 2022

Focus on ESG and low risk

On March 15-18, this year's MIPIM 2022 was back as a physical event after a three-year hibernation due to covid-19. Inflation, interest rates, security, logistics and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) were the major topics of discussion. 

Nordics as a safe haven

Despite some dark clouds, the was a positive spirit amongst the participants. The interest and willingness to invest were strong. Secure investments linked to inflation with low risk variables were a top priority. 

I got the impression that the Nordics are considered as a safe haven for international investors in an increasingly insecure world”, says Alexander Stensrud, Head of Capital Markets, CBRE Norway.

Urban planning, adaptations as well as future offices and behavior patterns were also discussed extensively during these five days at Europe's greatest real estate event.

From ESG to DESG

For ESG, the importance of democracy has been strengthened to the extent that the DESG (Democracy, Environment, Social and Governance) has established itself as a concept. 

We are about 240 senior leaders in Continental Europe that have signed up to go back to school, committed to attend the Sustainable Real Estate course at University of Cambridge. This will enable our teams to serve clients even better and drive Sustainability initiatives in the real estate industry. This initiative, together with our Sustainability experts, is a sign that sustainability is becoming part of our DNA. In the end, it is about creating a long-term real estate industry for many future generations” says Gunnar Larsson, Director, Capital Markets, CBRE Sweden.

Want to know more? Please contact Alexander Stensrud, or Gunnar Larsson in our Nordic Capital Markets team.


Alexander Stensrud & Gunnar Larsson

Alexander Stensrud & Gunnar Larsson

Alexander Stensrud
Head of Capital Markets
Kontakt: alexander.stensrud@cbre.com +47 415 62 709

Gunnar Larsson
Director, Head of Residential Investment Properties
Kontakt: gunnar.larsson@cbre.com +46739333581

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