Welcome to the Nordics Real Estate Blog!

Welcome to the Nordics Real Estate Blog! The purpose of this blog is to educate and inspire you as a player in the Nordic real estate market. Whether you are a property owner, tenant, investor, or just interested in the general public, we hope you will find the golden nugget that is right for you. We promise to offer our knowledge and experience from the Nordic but also from the global market.

CBRE's real estate advisors shares their knowledge and experience

The foundation for our articles is found in the scope of our business in real estate. Operations in over 100 countries, across different industries, and in different areas of knowledge such as finance, technology, logistics, etc. enable us to deliver:

  • An in-depth knowledge of all types of real estate, from all major markets in the world. An invaluable benchmark.
  • Knowledge from local advisors in all Nordic countries, in close cooperation with our global colleagues.
  • Valuable analysis, research and market knowledge to advise you and support your business decisions.
  • Experience from our Nordic team and our worldwide colleagues.

Nordic expertise. Global perspective.

We hope you will come back to us with questions and opinions. We would love to hear what you want to know more about. Current topics, new technology, new laws and regulations, creative solutions, practical daily issues, there are no restrictions.

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CBRE also has an award winning Swedish real estate blog: Sveriges Fastighetsblogg, along with the Danish blog Insights and the Norwegian blog Norges eiendomsblogg.

Welcome as a reader!

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Sami Kiehelä, Head of Capital Markets, Nordics and Amanda Welander, Head of Research, Nordics.


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Sami Kiehelä & Amanda Welander

Sami Kiehelä & Amanda Welander

Sami is the Head of Capital Markets, Nordics and Finland. Sami has a deep knowledge of the Capital Markets business as well as the Real Estate industry.
Mobile phone: +358 (0)40 868 0383
Email: Sami.Kiehela@cbre.com

Amanda holds the position as Head of Research Sweden & Nordics. Amanda has a long experience working with research in the real estate industry. She has deep knowledge of the real estate industry and real estate investments, finance and global macro economy.
Mobile phone: +46 (0)733498757
Email: Amanda.Welander@cbre.com

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