The 5 most read articles of 2020 at the Nordics Real Estate Blog

As everyone says, last year was a very a different year. One positive event was when we launched the Nordics Real Estate Blog in April. Since then, CBRE has published 1-2 articles per week. In this article, we have compiled the list of the 5 most read articles at the Nordics Real Estate Blog during 2020

A new year has started, with great energy and hope for a better 2021. Before we close 2020 we look back to see which articles had the most readers. 

The articles are written by our advisors, specialists and research experts, as well as guest writers. We have also published many reports at the blog. The most downloaded report is the "COVID-19 and the Nordic Hospitality and Retail Sector". Click here to find the report.

On February 9, we will launch the Nordics Market Outlook 2021 report in an online event for our customers. A summary of the event and the report will be published at the blog shortly after. 

There is a great interest in the Nordic real estate industry and in CBRE's knowledge, insights and experiences. In addition to our 4 000 subscribers to the blog, CBRE Nordics also have many followers at LinkedIn and Twitter, where the Nordics Real Estate blog articles can be found as well.

Here are the 5 most read articles on the Nordics Real Estate Blog.

1.The open-end real estate funds in the Finnish market

CBRE's experts Sami Kiehelä, Head of Capital Markets, Nordics and Finland, and Jussi Niemistö, Head of Research, Finland, share their insights regarding the open-end real estate funds in the Finnish market. Their conclusions are also relevant for other Nordic markets.

2. Real Estate Lending Market – Current State & Outlook

CBREs experts Anne Laukia and Andrea Pittaluga from CBRE’s Debt & Structured Team sat down and had a discussion around the current state of real estate financing from the Nordic markets point of view. Here is what they said.

3. CBRE Nordics Real Estate Market Snapshots Q2 2020

CBRE's Nordic team of research experts share their data and insights in multiple reports. The Nordics Real Estate Snapshots for Q2 was the top-three most read and downloaded material from the Nordics Blog during 2020. 

4. Re-opening the offices: New strategies for the future workplace?

CBRE's Workplace Strategies experts Lise Klevan Dybwad and Tommi Ruohonen shared their predictions for the future of workplace. They saw a possible shift towards more fluid workplaces sooner than anticipated, pre-COVID.

5. Review of the real estate investment market 2020 in the Nordics

This article was published in January 2021 and is one of the most read articles in a very short time. It is written by Sami Kiehelä, Head of Capital Markets, Nordics & Finland. He shares his insight on the real estate investment market 2020 in the Nordics. 

More on 2020

You can also read Reflections on 2020 by CBRE's Nordic Managing Directors Colin Waddell (Finland & Norway), Per Weinreich (Denmark) and Patrik Kallenvret (Sweden). 

CBRE Nordics will continue to share our knowledge, experience and insights with you at the Nordics Real Estate Blog. If you have a topic you want us to write about, feel free to send me an email.

Yvonne Ehinger

Yvonne Ehinger

Yvonne is leading the Marketing and Communications in the Nordics, in addition to her position as Head of Communications, Continental Europe, Advisory Services.
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