How is working remotely impacting you and your organisation and business?

Whether you or your teams are familiar with remote working, or new to it, working practices for all of us have changed dramatically as a result of COVID-19, with wholesale working-from-home having to be adopted very quickly, across many global locations, for the foreseeable future. Our Workplace experts Lise Dybwad and Tommi Ruohonen tells you more.

The uptake of virtual ways of working and enforced working from home has happened very quickly - and some will be more prepared, enabled and capable than others. Temporarily there will be many compromises for us all as we adjust and adapt to the extreme circumstances.

In the short-term, it is critical to know how it is working and what immediate improvements are needed to make it as effective as possible; but more critically, now is also the time to think about how the on-going adoption of working-from-home can fit into your longer term planning.

Diagnostic survey tool to assess and develop your working-from-home practices

CBRE have developed a free-to use survey tool which is a fast and easy way to measure the impact of remote working on your teams and understand the appetite for the longer term adoption and refinement of arrangements. The results will be available post-survey completion through a survey dashboard. Anonymous wider benchmarking data will also become available over time.

Try a test version of our diagnostic tool to see a preview of the survey we can provide your business. Our CBRE Nordics Workplace team can help you set up and launch the survey in your organisation, as well as turn your survey results into beneficial action. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can read more about our Workplace Strategy work here: 

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Lise Klevan Dybwad | Tommi Ruohonen

Lise Klevan Dybwad | Tommi Ruohonen

Lise Klevan Dybwad is Senior Director and Head of Workplace Strategy in Norway.
Mobile phone: +47 932 58 518

Tommi Ruohonen is Director at CBRE Finland’s Project management & Workplace Consulting Services.
Mobile phone: +358 50 364 0480

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