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A sneak peek into the Finnish industrial and logistics market

Jussi Niemistö is CBREs Research expert based in Finland. He gives you a sneak peek into the Finnish industrial and logistics market.

The increasing demand of online food delivery and the upcoming trend of 'dark kitchens'

CBREs Research expert Jussi Niemistö shares his insights about the the food retail industry at the Nordics Real Estate Blog.

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Apr, 2020

Sustainability in real estate

CBREs Research expert Einar Mellberg shares his insights about Sustainability in real estate, at the Nordics Real Estate Blog.
Apr, 2020

Recent construction boom in the office market in Malmö

CBRE have looked into the development of new offices in Malmö and how the additional areas affect the existing office space. Malmö is situated far south in Sweden, close to Denmark.
Apr, 2020

Will autonomous vehicles reshape the urban landscape?

“Location, location, location” is the famous real estate mantra that we all have heard before. Now, the question is whether and how this will be challenged once the world becomes ready to welcome autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the streets.




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