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Webinars with a Nordic focus

We have six webinars planned this year, each with a topic relevant to the Nordic commercial real estate market.

Re-opening the offices: New strategies for the future workplace?

Trends that were defining the future of work have been accelerated as organisations have had to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic. CBRE's Workplace experts Line and Tommi tells you more.

CBRE Nordics Real Estate Market Snapshots

CBRE publishes Snapshots for various sectors each quarters. In this article you find all available Snapshots for the Nordics. 

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May, 2020

Real Estate Lending Market – Current State & Outlook

Anne Laukia and Andrea Pittaluga from CBRE’s Debt & Structured Team are discuss the current state of real estate financing from the Nordic markets point of view.
Apr, 2020

How is working remotely impacting you and your organisation and business?

CBRE launches ‘Diagnostic’ survey tool to assess and develop your working-from-home practices. CBREs Workplace experts Lise Klevan and Tommi Ruohonen tells you more.
Apr, 2020

COVID-19 and the Nordic Hospitality and Retail Market

There is no doubt that retail and hospitality are two of the hardest hit property market segments. Our Research expert Dragana Marina and the Nordic Research Team have put together the report "COVID-19 and the Nordic Hospitality and Retail Sector".




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