Apr, 2021

Venture capital’s love affair with logistics is giving a new face to an old lady

By 2030, the logistics industry is believed to move even closer to the customer with e-forwarding and crowdsourced delivery becoming the new normal.
Apr, 2021

Investment trends in the real estate market - Recap of the EMEA Investor Intentions Survey

CBRE's Henrik Calton and Jussi Niemistö share their insights regarding the recent CBRE EMEA Investor Intentions Survey and discuss the main findings.
Mar, 2021

Growing Occupier Demand for European Logistics Space

A new survey from CBRE shows that Covid-19 remains an important consideration for occupiers and will continue to drive demand for space in Europe.
Mar, 2021

Nordic hotel market

The pandemic has disproportionately affected the hotel and hospitality sector in a negative way throughout Europe. In our recent report, CBRE’s local experts from all over the continent highlight the similarities and differences between the countries and indicate where the best opportunities may be found.
Mar, 2021

The return of retail?

The ongoing pandemic is the largest economic upheaval in generations. Its effects are widespread, varied and largely negative, but there are also some opportunities. Parts of retail could be one beneficiary.
Feb, 2021

Tomorrow's Office: Future Directions for Portfolio and Workplace Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered the decision landscape for corporate office occupiers. Corporate real estate leaders are increasingly aware of the need to find solutions that balance talent, location, occupancy and design & experience in order to drive successful outcomes in 2021 and beyond.

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