Dec, 2020

Christmas greetings 2020 from the Nordic MD's

CBREs Nordic Managing Directors sums up 2020 and wishes you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
Nov, 2020

Resilence and Opportunity in the Nordic Senior Housing Sector

The future can be won but will require a strategic mindset and advanced analytical capabilities to support the vision. CBRE's Dragana Marina tells you more.
Nov, 2020

Nordics Occupier Flash Survey November 2020

The interest in the Occupier sector is great. The Nordic team has performed an Occupier Flash Survey including all Nordic countries, complementing the survey in Finland. Here you find the results.
Nov, 2020

The light at the end of the tunnel

What is going on in the US, European, and Nordic Real Estate Markets? Here are the key conclusions from the Nordic Client Forum webinar on November 11th, presented to around 300 clients.
Nov, 2020

The e-commerce effect on logistics’ real estate

CBRE's Logistics experts share the Nordics ViewPoint Logistics 2020 and comment on it in this article.
Oct, 2020

Opportunity Set for Distressed Debt Investors is Expanding

CBREs experts Christian Bro Jansen and Dragana Martina share their insights on As always in times of crisis, some will lose while others will profit. The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the tables, and major fund players are watching the market closely. For many of them, distressed debt is certainly an increasingly attractive area

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