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Jun, 2022

Challengers of Grocery Retail in Sweden

In this article you can read about the challengers of grocery in Sweden. Have a look at both existing and new challenges in the Swedish grocery market and read more here.
May, 2022

CBRE Nordics Real Estate Market Snapshots Q1 2022

In this article, you find all available CBRE Snapshots for the Nordics, Q1 2022.
Mar, 2022

Nordic Real Estate Market Outlook 2022 Event Recap

CBRE Nordics organized a successful hybrid event in Munch Museum in Oslo on the 10th of February. The speaker lineup consisted of CBRE’s in-house experts as well as guest speakers from different sectors and industries.
Feb, 2022

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and Real Estate Assets

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is part of the European action plan for Sustainable finance. It increases transparency with ESG related investments, setting disclosure requirements for Financial Market Participants (FMPs) in the European Union.
Feb, 2022

2022 Nordic Real Estate Market Outlook Reports

What is the 2022 forecast for the Nordic real estate sector? Our local CBRE experts share their insights.
Feb, 2022

If time was the only real asset, what would be its value?

CBREs research expert Dragana Marina shares her insights at the Nordics Real Estate Blog.

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