Einar Melberg

Einar Melberg

Einar Melberg

Einar is Senior Analyst in the Research division at CBRE in Norway, and part of the wider Nordics and Europe research teams. Specialist at commercial real estate investments and Norwegian office markets.
Mobile Phone: +47 94 14 14 84


Nov, 2020

The light at the end of the tunnel

What is going on in the US, European, and Nordic Real Estate Markets? Here are the key conclusions from the Nordic Client Forum webinar on November 11th, presented to around 300 clients.
Oct, 2020

A new reality for the office market?

CBRE's Research expert Einar Melberg answers the question: A new reality for the office market?
Apr, 2020

Sustainability in real estate

CBREs Research expert Einar Mellberg shares his insights about Sustainability in real estate, at the Nordics Real Estate Blog.
Apr, 2020

Will multifamily become the most popular real estate asset class in the future?

Office and retail has long been the two most important sectors for real estate investors. However, the world is changing, and in the future, multifamily could become the dominating asset class.

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